Eppendorf offers bioprocess solutions for the cultivation of mammalian cells, stem cells, and insect cells, as well as bacteria, yeasts, and fungi. With a comprehensive portfolio of bioreactor and fermentor systems, software, single-use bioreactors, and worldwide service, Eppendorf has been an established and trusted partner of the biopharmaceutical industry and the academic research community.
Since 1945, the Eppendorf brand has been synonymous with customer-oriented processes and innovative products, such as laboratory devices and consumables for liquid handling, cell handling and sample handling. Today, Eppendorf and its more than 3,300 employees serve as experts and advisors, using their unique knowledge and experience to support laboratories and research institutions around the world. The foundation of the company’s expertise is its focus on its customers. Eppendorf’s exchange of ideas with its customers results in comprehensive solutions that in turn become industry standards.

Efficient bioprocesses are central to the production of biopharmaceuticals, vaccines, viral vectors, and stem cell-derived cells. Their production in consistent quality at high yield requires optimized and standardized growth conditions for producer cell lines and strains. With working volumes from 65 mL to 1,200 L, scalable bioprocess solutions from Eppendorf support the upstream bioprocessing cycle from early development to scale-up to pilot-scale production. Powerful hardware and software tools for process monitoring, control, and analytics help to build process understanding and facilitate standardized process control. Like this they support the development of time and cost-efficient bioprocesses.
By utilizing the strong synergies between bioreactor technology and polymer manufacturing, Eppendorf developed a wide selection of single-use bioreactors and fermentors which complement its portfolio of glass and stainless-steel vessels. With worldwide technical and application services, clear technical documentation, and preventive maintenance programs Eppendorf ensures reliable system operation.

Eppendorf bioprocess products are used in academic and industrial bioprocess upstream laboratories. There they support bioprocess engineers in the development of valuable, quality-driven, and repetitive bioprocess workflows.

Eppendorf, sponsor Platine, tiendra un stand et présentera ses solutions lors de Bioproduction vol.9 Industrialization & 4.0 Facilities B4B-Connection des 5 et 6 février à EASE Strasbourg