PELVIPHARM is a ten year-old research and scientific company

Pelvipharm aura un stand à la CRO-Biotech

PELVIPHARM is a ten year-old research and scientific company
relying on multi-disciplinary talents (medical doctor,
pharmaco-economist, veterinarian, pharmacists and PhDs) who
contribute to reunite both high quality academic standards while
delivering reliable contract research services:
• Preclinical studies based on validated efficacy models
including delivery of protocol development, study conduct, report,
communication and peer-reviewed publication
• Guidance for selection of new chemical entities including
testing with targeted assays according to potential mechanisms of
• Identification of new properties or attributes supporting
differentiation of medications within the class or between
• Advice in clinical development for new therapeutic
indications or enhancements to address unmet medical need or
significant commercial opportunities
PELVIPHARM has leading scientific and medical abilities from unique
expertise and experience in pathophysiology, pharmacology, clinical
research and medical practice across a range of therapeutic areas
including urology, neurology and cardiovascular pharmacology:

Our goal is to provide our clients with customized services
according to their outsourcing needs. Because of our internal
research activities, we are regularly developing new experimental
models to integrate new functional exploration methods. Please
don’t hesitate to inquire and we will do our best to share our
experience with you with utmost dedication.