The development and application of human pluripotent and human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs) in cell therapy and drug discovery will require the constant supply of high cell numbers in consistent, high quality. Conventional two-dimensional culture systems like flasks or dishes are widely used for the cultivation of stem cells, however, they are limited in control and scalability.

For the large-scale expansion of hMSCs, cultivation in stirred-tank bioreactors has emerged as a promising method. These facilitate the precise control of critical process parameters like pH and dissolved oxygen, and allow a more straightforward scale-up to larger culture volumes.
In proof of concept studies we have successfully cultivated hMSCs in Eppendorf BioBLU® Single-Use Vessels. In this presentation we will highlight the characteristics and capabilities of the Eppendorf bioprocess systems for stem cell cultivation. We will show results on cell growth and marker expression, demonstrating the suitability of the applied methods and equipment for the expansion of hMSCs.

Eppendorf présentera cet abstract lors de la Bioproduction vol7 Cell and Gene Therapies B4B-Connection