A scientific revolution is taking place. We are reaching new
heights in our understanding of life and disease. In the past, the
goal was to develop new drugs –proteins or small molecules—that
helped correct the chemical imbalances within a body suffering from
disease. Now, with the availability of genetic information, that
paradigm has changed completely and forever. The drug providers of
the future  do not simply produce medicines  anymore but
advance and apply the use of scientific knowledge itself.
Preparing for a future of unseen opportunity in healthcare requires
a profound shift in thinking from all the stakeholders: A new era
of personalized medicine, ushered in by advances in biotechnology
and genetic engineering (among other technologies), will 
radically transform the nature of the healthcare systems
From the economies of healthcare to biotechnology, and the ethics
of genetic testing to ethnicity and individualized medicine, « The
Molecular Revolution“ explores the new relationships that are being
forged across the social, political, medical-industrial 
sectors of the healthcare environment.
“The Molecular Revolution” offers you an inside view into the
workings and the various survival approaches of today’s 
primary care  „blockbuster“ model focused pharmaceutical
companies. For many years, companies have mass-produced medicines
for the population at large. This book explains how an industry in
turmoil can take a different perspective and identify enhanced
opportunities by looking  at new niche markets for
„tailor-made“ drug therapies, preventive treatments and new
disease  areas.
Are you prepared to better understand tomorrow’s medicines markets?
Are you prepared for  exciting new technologies that will
increasingly, and rapidly play a role in revolutionizing the fields
of  oncology, immunology, degenerative diseases  and
other targeted therapy  segments?  If not, then you need
this book now.
Packed with scientific information, details on research, drug
development, therapeutic progress and medical industry strategies,
« The Molecular Revolution“ is a sourcebook of data and profound
analysis for all those who wish to master the intricacies of this
vast and complex terrain.
This is an in-depth, wide-ranging, fact rich and thought provoking
analysis of the issues and dynamics driving Healthcare stakeholders
towards a future of unseen therapeutic, preventive and predictive
opportunities in healthcare. It masterly synthesizes future
scenarios in a promising, fast changing health & wellness-care
environment, and the credibility aspect of targeted medicines‘
claim of efficacy,  created by advances in medical care. It is
highly valuable and very timely.
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