NextPharma, major strategic pharmaceutical services partner to
the pharma and biotech industry

NextPharma aura un stand à la CRO-Biotech

? To become a major strategic pharmaceutical services partner
to the pharma and biotech industry”
? Nextpharma proposes:
  Product Development Services,
  Clinical Trial Packaging,
  Contract Manufacturing Services
  Cold Chain and Logistics Services 
  with a focus on specialist technologies
PDS services include:
 Formulation / Design
 Lyophilization cycle development and optimisation
 Manufacturing for clinical trials
 Analytical and microbiological testing
 Stability testing according to ICH guidelines and
 Product dossier development and registration
Our recently expanded business now includes sterile product
development capabilities in: San Diego (California) and
Braine-l’Alleud (Belgium) with the new Sterile Product Development
? We are able to support non-clinical through Phase III
development of sterile products- including biologics and
 Batches Sizes supported: from few 100s up to several 1000s of
 Packaging: vials, pre filled syringes and closed vials
? Clinical production areas designed in full compliance with
cGMP requirements as defined in the USA, Japan and in Europe.
? Nextpharma expertises:
 Expertise in lyophilization:
 Expertise in sterile formulation development
 An experienced development team transfers projects into
commercial production
 A wide range of packaging can be offered
 Global capability to serve Europe, Japan, Canada, Brazil and
? Our scale of operations enables us to provide a wide variety
of products in batch sizes to meet your needs and readily supply
markets around the world.

? With a single interface we offer our client an integrated
full service approach to development of drug dosage forms.
? Our clients tell us that they can minimise timings, risks
and costs by using our integrated services (as the transfer steps
from one activity to the other are minimised).