ATMI LifeSciences is a leader in single-use mixing, storage, and bioreactor technology, fluoropolymer-based products, and custom-engineered, flexible packaging solutions. The business’s fundamental knowledge of polymers, specially selected resins, and its clean room manufacturing experience combine to help drive optimum performance in critical disposable process operations.


The use of Integrity TK8 film, ATMI’s ‘universal’ bioprocess polymer film, across the entire Integrity line of storage and transfer vessels, mixing vessels and bioreactor vessels, is an industry first in standardization and serves to reduce validation burden, allowing end-users to implement and scale up processing more quickly and more efficiently…

The single-use Nucleo bioreactor is the product of a collaborative development effort by ATMI LifeSciences (which contributed the mixing, sparging and film technologies), Pierre Guerin (which provided hardware system including the software and control systems) and Artelis SA (which furnished the cell culture, process development and application expertise).
Based on ATMI’s Pad-Drive disposable mixing platform, the cube-shaped disposable containment vessel provides a closed, fully sterile enclosure that delivers the same functionality as a conventional stirred tank bioreactor.
ATMI LifeSciences had established recognized leadership in the area of highly-efficient technologies for cell culture development and manufacturing. The companies’ innovations in process optimization, for human and veterinary vaccine, recombinant protein, stem cell and cell therapy applications, integrate perfectly with ATMI’s vision and strategy. Through close collaboration with customers, the acquisition in 2010 of Artelis SA will serve to provide enabling technologies in cell culture technology to the biopharmaceutical sector, in addition to having the industry’s most comprehensive single-use platform and technical support.
ATMI manufactures the BPVs in plants located in Bloomington, Minnesota and in Hoegaarden, Belgium and in. For further information

Pierre Guerin Technologies is a specialist in stainless steel equipment, Pierre Guerin provides you with the knowledge gained from more than 30 years in the design and manufacturing of equipment and process lines for the biotech industry. From bench top to industrial scale systems, single use units or control system retrofits, we can do it all, incorporating excellence in quality, services and reliability.

At the Heart of your Process, Pierre Guerin offers a full line of Biotech process equipment and scalable solutions:
• Media and Buffer Preparation Vessels
Fermenters and Bioreactors from 2L over 40,000L including autoclavable, steam in place and single use systems
• Inactivation and Harvest Vessels
• Cleaning In Place Units
• Control system integration
• Turn-key fermentation and cell cultivation Suites and Primary Recovery Units
With regards to vessel & piping manufacturing, Pierre Guerin combines capabilities of a European leader with high quality organization and tools (Certified SOP and personnel, X-ray and fibroscopic inspection of welds, full material and welding traceability, ferrite content, high finishing level).

With three production sites in Niort (France), Burgos (Spain) and Minnesota (US), we manufacture more than 2000 vessels / year, from 5L up to 300 m³ including Process skids, Piping racks & Electrical cabinets.

Our reputation is based on the capability of our teams to manage technical and complex projects and ultimately provide equipment of the highest quality, while fully respecting the clients’ unique specifications and achieving your expectations.

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