Ephoran Multi-Imaging Solutions is a Contract Research Organization providing imaging expertise and knowledge to study, develop and promote the application of molecular imaging technologies in preclinical drug research and development.

Ephoran’s aim is to develop strong and qualified scientific collaborations with academia and research institutions in order to develop state-of-the-art molecular and preclinical imaging for assessing, accelerating and guiding the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic options.
The Expertise of Ephoran’s founders guarantees outstanding knowledge of all imaging modalities as well as excellence in R&D activities. Ephoran provides access to MRI with 1, 3 and 7T imagers, hybrid PET/SPECT/CT, High-frequency Ultrasound coupled with Photo acoustic system, and Bioluminescence and Fluorescence imagers. Its contrast agents portfolio includes agents for MRI, CT and US, both those already used in clinical setting and those specific for pre-clinical imaging. The in-house availability of a cyclotron for industrial production of clinical and research tracers provides both PET/SPECT agents and custom labeling of candidate molecules for pre-clinical studies.
Platform Applications of Ephoran are focused on the identification of Imaging solutions / biomarkers to help selection and development of drug candidates, on the Validation of new biomarkers of pharmacological activity by imaging approaches, on the identification/synthesis of PET/SPECT tracers for preclinical and clinical imaging, on the development of mart contrast agents for preclinical and clinical imaging and on the set-up and characterization of dedicated animal models.
Ephoran offers the opportunity to apply a translational pharmacological approach in drug research and development. This consists in evaluating in animal models a molecular-based proof of biological activity and mechanism of action, and translating it into the clinical setting. As a provider of multi-imaging solutions, Ephoran is uniquely positioned in pre-clinical imaging as it offers serial/longitudinal imaging experiments for pharmacology and toxicology studies.This allows a reduction in the number of animals used for drug efficacy testing and consequently reduction of associated costs of drug development.
Biopharmaceutical Industries can take advantage of the pre-clinical imaging technology service offers to carry out their research and development projects in different therapeutic areas.
Strategically located at Bioindustry Park Silvano Fumero (BiPCa) in Colleretto Giacosa, Ivrea (Turin) that works directly with privately-held companies and public research institutes.
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