In 2010, Merck acquired Millipore. This U.S. life science company was founded in 1954 and rose to become one of the globally leading providers of filter technology, bioprocessing and bioanalytical services.

With this acquisition, Merck is now a leading life science company. The Merck Millipore division offers products for life science research such as assays, biomarkers and target solutions, as well as bioprocessing, lab water purification and filtration. Additionally, the division supplies specialty chemicals mainly to regulated markets, for example the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries. Analytical and scientific laboratories use the reagents and test kits. In total, the Merck Millipore portfolio comprises more than 40,000 products and processes.

Key product groups

• Products for life science research in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries
• Products for protein research and cell biology including instruments, consumable devices, reagents and services to help customers better understand diseases and biological functions
• Laboratory chemicals and materials for research, science and industry
• Products and services for sampling and assay platforms for the pharmaceutical, food and diagnostics industries
• Products, consumables and services for ultrapure laboratory water in science and industry
• Products helping manufacturers of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical drugs to develop and manufacture clinical and commercial drug materials safely and efficiently

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