PolyIntell, innovative polymers for applications in diagnostic
and pharmaceutical sciences and food safety

POLYINTELL was founded in Upper-Normandy (France) in July 2004
based on the skills and expertise of innovative scientists that
developed a new technology based on molecularly imprinted polymers
Five years of
research later and five patented technologies later; POLYINTELL
which counts now 12 employees in 2009 has been successful at
launching 3 different categories of products under the name of the
According to company’s CEO Kaynoush Naraghi : “Intelligent Polymers
(MIPs) facilitate the entire researcher’s workflow in the lab.
Therefore; POLYINTELL provides innovative solutions that satisfy
the researcher’s complex needs for selective extraction, separation
and detection of the molecule of interest by offering ready-to-use
and high-quality products and services.”
The molecularly imprinted polymer can identify, isolate, and
capture low concentrations of the target molecules in any complex
mix (plasma, urine or food matrixes). The selectivity of the
antigen/antibody reaction can be mimicked in simpler conditions, at
a lower cost with better stability considering the fact that
antibodies are not involved with this approach. The applications
for the new materials are selective solid phase extraction (SPE) in
sample preparations, trace analysis and biomarkers analysis,
selective separation (chromatographic methods), and semi
quantitative detection (probe). POLYINTELL’s know-how applies to
pharmaceutical R&D and food safety, as drug candidate molecules
can be detected and the presence or absence of molecules banned in
foodstuffs (toxins, medicinal drugs, additives, pesticides, and so
on) can be checked.
In January 2009, the company moved to PharmaParc II, Val-de-Reuil.
Corporate goals are to increase its business and production
capabilities. POLYINTELL is developing and growing at a steady pace
which might lead to new job openings in the near future.
Based on our innovative polymers, we bring 3 solutions:
– Selective solid phase extraction columns and cartridges
serving bio analyst’s needs in sample preparation, trace analysis
& biomarker analysis, …
– Semi quantitative detection kits
– Purification Kit for chemical synthesis
POLYINTELL offers custom made products and services and catalogue
products for selective extraction, purification and detection on a
molecule of interest.
New products!
AFFINIMIP®GSH, Unique separation system for Glutathione
AFFINIMIP®Catecholamine, selective extraction columns for
catecholamine from urine and serum
AFFINIMIP®OTA and AFFINIMIP®ZON for the selective extraction of
these Mycotoxins found in cereals (food safety)