Prestwick Chemical, founded by Prof. C.G. Wermuth, is a premium provider of medicinal chemistry services. We also offer innovative smart screening libraries and research tools to pharmaceutical & biotechnology companies, as well as academic research laboratories and institutions.

Contract research services in medicinal chemistry: Hit validation – Lead optimisation – Ligand profiling

Prestwick’s team of well trained medicinal chemists develops innovative medicinal chemistry strategies tailored to clients’ needs. They are supported by state-of-art computational ligand design, including large scale virtual screening and take into account ADME/Tox as well as selectivity issues. This helps to minimize time and maximize results (in average 18 months from inception to acceptable drug candidate). Possible contracts include ‘ »no string attached » programs (FTE based), objective driven programs (minimum base fee + milestones) and risk sharing collaborations (with or without financing)



Different screening libraries (compound collections):

Our Smart Libraries have been designed to ensure maximal chemical diversity, possibly to access new IP while remaining within reach of both low and high throughput screening processes. They are constantly updated and improved. Our clients have reported high quality hit generation rate.

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