Roche CustomBiotech offers solutions to biopharmaceutical manufacturers:

– in-process control systems to measure metabolites, substrates, product yield or cell count
– Mycoplasma QC test (E.C.2.6.7 /FDA compliant): Roche Pharma developed this test and are using it for the release of new drug candidates and IPC. No concentration by filtration nor pre-incubation is necessary – just 1 ml of fermentation broth is sufficient for this FDA approved and E.C.2.6.7. compliant screening test.
– in-vitro Glycoengineering tools (recombinant enzymes, active sugars) for controlling glycopattern as alternatives to genetic and metabolic methods
– Raw materials for mRNA therapeutics
– Raw materials such as rec. proteases and tissue-dissociating enzymes (e.g. rec. Trypsin, rec. Carboxypeptidase, Blends of Collagenases (GMP grade), collagenases (GMP), Thermolysin (GMP) etc.

Roche CustomBiotech, sponsor Platine, tiendra un stand et présentera ses solutions lors de Bioproduction vol.9 Industrialization & 4.0 Facilities B4B-Connection des 5 et 6 février à EASE Strasbourg