Biomarkers Conference, on rare and polyfactorial and neglected
10 décembre 2009, Paris, France

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Update your knowledge in biomarkers clinical development in very
focused and specific areas of biomarkers, namely in genetic rare
diseases (neurologic and muscle diseases), in two highly frequent
multi-factorial genetic diseases (metabolism/diabetes and
rheumatology) and in highly frequent but neglected diseases
(malaria and tuberculosis) which occur mainly in the developing and
poor world. The latest development of new technical and
computational tools will be presented including the use or
embryonic stem cells for following up rare monogenic diseases. The
incidence of the development of biomarker use on health economy and
health policy will be addressed before closing this
– Comprehensive coverage of biomarkers in :
    Genetic rare diseases
    Genetic polyfactorial diseases
    Neglected diseases
– New technical and computational tools for biomarkers
– How health policy may change after biomarker analysis
Invited speakers:
Alessandra Cervino, Vice president Biostatistics &
Bioinformatics TCLand Expression
David Cumming, Professor in electronic engineering and group
leader, Electronics & Electrical Engineering, University of
Bruno Domon, Head of the mass spectrometry Lab and biomarker
program at the Institute of Molecular Systems Biology, ETH
Isabelle Durand-Zaleski, Responsable de l’unité évaluation-études à
l’Hôpital Henri Mondor, Directeur Scientifique à l’Institut d’étude
des politiques de santé,Groupe hospitalier Albert Chenevier Henri
Philippe Froguel, Professor and Head of Section of Genomic
Medicine, Hammersmith Hospital, Imperial College London
Head of the Unité mixte de Recherche CNRS 8090 Lille 2, Institut
Pasteur Lille
Alain Huriez, Chairman & CEO, TCLand Expression
Pierre Miossec, Professor, Department of Immunology and
Rheumatology, University of Lyon & E. Herriot Hospital
Piero L. Olliaro, Leader, chemotherapy for Neglected Tropical
Diseases, World Health Organization
Marc Peschanski, Director of research, Chief Scientific Officer
of  the Institute for Stem cell Therapy and Exploration of
Monogenic Diseases
Alessandro Quattrone, Director of the Center for Integrative
Biology, University of Trento
Thomas Voit, Scientific and Medical Director of The Myology
Institute & head of the UMRS 974 and 7215 Units
Brenda Wong, , MBBS, MRCP, Child Neurologist, Cincinnati Children’s
Hospital Medical Center & Associate Professor of Pediatrics and
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